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Birthday Book Giveaway!

Rainbow sprinkles! I love ’em. They take me back to the pink-frosted donuts I loved as a child, or the Balboa ice-cream bars I grew up with in Newport Beach, California. This edible confetti always creates an insta-party. And since today is my birthday, sprinkles have inspired me to do some sprinkling…

…of books! Free books! Picture books! Like every year at this time, I go through my picture book library and thin it out a bit to make way for new books in the new year (I just can’t keep them all!). Then I get a kick out of holding this drawing in order to sprinkle some love out there. So far, I have 7 picture books to send to new homes (but I reserve the right to give out extra prizes ;-)). Most are hardcover and all are in great condition. Are you game?

Follow these 3 steps to enter!

  1. Follow me on Twitter @mademoiselleK8.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (or re-tweet my own announcement).
  3. Comment on this post ONCE with: a) your first & last name & b) your Twitter handle (so that I can find you if you win) & c) tell me what topping YOU like to sprinkle on your ice cream/frozen yogurt/etc. 😉 !

You many enter any time between now and February 28th. Winners will be drawn and contacted in March via this post and Twitter. Good luck!

It’s Susanna Hill’s 3rd Annual Valentiny Contest!

Agented, #amwriting, but still in the query trenches…Thank goodness for Susanna Hill’s mini writing contests that keep my mind & pencil sharp while I’m busy waiting for a book deal…sigh. A big Valentine hug of gratitude to you, Susanna, for your festive contests that keep me going!

The Rules : (taken from Susanna’s website)

Write a Valentine’s story appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone is hopefulPost your story on your blog between 12:00 AM EDT Saturday February 10th and Wednesday February 14th by 11:59 PM EDT and add your post-specific link to the list that will accompany my February 10th post.

My Entry about a pesky, but eternally hopeful, fly…


(by Katelyn Aronson, 158 words)

The most fetching flower

that he’d ever seen:

She stood out of reach, 

beyond the porch screen.

In ‘love-at-first-whiff’

with her rare perfume,

Fly thought, “I have GOT 

to get into that room!”

He buzzed round the screen,

explored inch-by-inch,

’Til finally: A hole!

He squeezed through in a cinch!

Forgetting all manners,

in great haste to meet her,

“YO! SWEETUMS!” he called

—an attempt to greet her.


but no answer came.

“DON’T BE SHY!” said the fly.


Silence.  And so, (though 

enticed and bedazzled),

the fly’s bug-eyes bugged.

His antennae frazzled!

Why wouldn’t she answer?

Too shy or just napping?

In hope against hope,

that fly kept on yapping.

He perched on her petals,

admired her face,

then tumbled below,

to her sticky embrace.


(The fly was no genius.)

The last thing he heard?


“My name is Venus.”

 Venus Fly Trap

Grammar note to the judges: I use the verb form of “frazzle” in this story, meaning “to wear out; to fray.”

Credit where credit is due: The story title references the song “Venus” thanks to my awesome CP Jen Bagan!)

Did You Know? A Venus Fly Trap is a carnivorous plant— a plant that traps and digests “meat” in the form of insects. It’s scientific or Latin name is Dionaea Muscipula. Dionaea is a genus of plants that contains only one species (Muscipula). This means that really, there is only one kind of Venus Fly Trap. However, humans have cultivated Venus Fly Traps with various colors and leaf forms and given them nicknames like “Red Dragon” or “Jaws.” A Venus Fly Trap is not only a set of jaws, though! As you can see in the illustration, a Venus Fly Trap also produces a stalk of lovely white flowers. Below the flowers, spiky open traps lie in wait…Those traps produce a smelly nectar that attracts insects. The insects crawl inside the traps, and trigger hairs set off a reaction: CHOMP! The insect is trapped, then digested…How’s that for a friendly flower?