We’ll be peeking inside the following international picture books this year. My hope is that you’ll discover a wonderful foreign children’s title that you never knew existed! 

from Italy:

Cioccolata per te by Satoe Tone (2013)

from Canada:

Le Lion et L’Oiseau /The Lion and The Bird by Marianna Dubuc (2013)

from France:

Fox’s Garden by Camille Garoche (2015)

Un Petit Chaperon Rouge / A Little Red Riding Hood by Marjolaine LeRay (2014)

La Grande Fabrique de Mots by Agnès de Lestrade & Valeria Docampo (2009)

Moi, J’attends by David Cali & Serge Bloch (2005)

Ti Boudin by Benoît Charlat (2013)

from Korea:

Crispy Crispy, A Seagull / La Mouette aux Croustilles by Mingle Mingle (2014)

from England (with a French flair):

The Truffle Hunter by Inga Moore (1985)

from the U.S. (with a European influence):

The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau by Jon Agee (1988)

The Young Hans Christian Andersen by Karen Hesse & Erik Blegvad (2005)

Lucia and the Light by Phyllis Root & Mary GrandPre (2006)

Paul Meets Bernadette by Rosy Lamb (2015)

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