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Birthday Book Giveaway!

Sunday, March 4th Update:

Thanks to all who entered my 2nd Annual Birthday Book Giveaway! We had only 25 entries, so with 7 books to give out, odds were better than 1:4 !

Today I wrote out all the entrants’ names, cut up & folded the itty bitty papers, deposited them in this flower pot, and had my husband randomly draw 7 winners.


Here they are, in order:

  1. Melissa Coffey
  2. Karen Greenwald
  3. Tasha Hilderman
  4. Colleen Paef
  5. Jonathan Schkade
  6. Amanda Sincavage
  7. Susan Taylor

CONGRATS to all of you!

Please PM me on Twitter or write to me at: katearonson (at) gmail (dot) com. I need your addresses in order to get these picture books in the mail to you =). Thanks for playing and I look forward to giving away more books at this time next year!


Rainbow sprinkles! I love ’em. They take me back to the pink-frosted donuts I loved as a child, or the Balboa ice-cream bars I grew up with in Newport Beach, California. This edible confetti always creates an insta-party. And since today is my birthday, sprinkles have inspired me to do some sprinkling…

…of books! Free books! Picture books! Like every year at this time, I go through my picture book library and thin it out a bit to make way for new books in the new year (I just can’t keep them all!). Then I get a kick out of holding this drawing in order to sprinkle some love out there. So far, I have 7 picture books to send to new homes (but I reserve the right to give out extra prizes ;-)). Most are hardcover and all are in great condition. Are you game?

Follow these 3 steps to enter!

  1. Follow me on Twitter @mademoiselleK8.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (or re-tweet my own announcement).
  3. Comment on this post ONCE with: a) your first & last name & b) your Twitter handle (so that I can find you if you win) & c) tell me what topping YOU like to sprinkle on your ice cream/frozen yogurt/etc. 😉 !

You many enter any time between now and February 28th. Winners will be drawn and contacted in March via this post and Twitter. Good luck!

Birthday Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Birthday Giveaway! Earlier today, I put all the names into a box, shook it up really well, and handed it over to my fiancé. He drew the winning names, one-by-one, in the interest of keeping everything random and objective. That’s how it went down, Girl Scout’s honor. (Yes, I was a Girl Scout back in the day.)

Here are the winners who are getting hardcover picture books:

1. Jen Garrett

2. Jenna Grodzicki

3. Judy Sobanski

4. Pam Zollman

5. Karla Valenti

6. Maria Marshall

Here are the winners who are getting Parisian book bags:

1. Erin McKenna Nowak

2. Tasha Hilderman

3. Vivian Kirkfield

4. Christine Evans

5. Rajani LaRocca

6. Midge Ballou Smith

CONGRATS to all 12 of you! Please private message me via Twitter or at “katearonson (at) gmail (dot) com” with your postal address so that I can get these prizes in the mail to you :-). 

February is a short month, but OH IS IT SWEET! And not only because of Valentine’s Day…

Today happens to be my birthday and I’m throwing a virtual party right here, to the tune of…

“It’s my party, I’ll give away books if I want to, books if I want to, books if I want to…”

As a kid, I didn’t care for birthday cake and I wasn’t a huge fan of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey either (performance anxiety). But I LOVED party favors! So, 12 lucky winners are about to receive party favors from me:

6 will receive a surprise picture book from my personal library

6 will receive this Parisian book bag (since I live in France)

PrizeBox 2

(For the books: No, you won’t know which title you’re getting, but rest assured: Authors of the books I’m gifting include Molly Idle, Margie Palatini, Tara Lazar, Aaron Reynolds, Sarah Wilson, and Joan Holub! We’re talking talent, peeps.)

Are you game? All you need is a Twitter account to enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter @mademoiselleK8 if you haven’t yet.
  2. Comment on this post ONCE with: a) your full name b) your Twitter handle c) your favorite birthday dessert.

Winners selected randomly at the end of February and contacted thereafter via this post and Twitter. Good luck!