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PrizeBox was a game my sister and I invented as kids. Old shoeboxes in hand, we’d each raid our closets for treasures (a highly secretive, no-peeking operation). When our prizeboxes were filled, we’d take turns, closing our eyes and reaching into the other’s box to discover our “new” loot. We got to keep whatever we found, of course, and we revelled in surprising one another. For a 9 and 5-year-old, this was recycling at its most thrilling. What my mother meant by “Clean out your closets”? Probably not.

Flash forward to today, and it’s my children’s book collection that is begging for a round of Prizebox. As I have little access to children’s titles in English, I am always ordering new American books to stay up on my “native” market. But apartments are smallish in France and I simply cannot keep them all. My books are in new condition, though, and I’d love to mail one off to you! Check back each month to see what I’m giving away (be it a children’s book or a French flea market find) and maybe your mailbox will become the next prizebox.