A hotel nestled in an old French village…a cranky chef called César…a blue Citroën Deux Chevaux…an under-appreciated sow named “Martine”… ancient cave paintings…a dark and handsome stranger…and a lesson in digging up tasty tubers…

Can an English-language picture book be any “French-er” than Inga Moore’s The Truffle Hunter ?

IMG_1429Her words and pictures capture such a spirit of place that you’ll be transported to the Perigord in the space of a story time. (Couldn’t you almost step into the full page spread above?) Like so many of Moore’s timeless works, The Truffle Hunter is still in print today. My hope is that we keep it that way for the next generation.

(You’ll find a short bio of British author-illustrator Inga Moore here.)

IMG_1427The Truffle Hunter
Inga Moore
Published byKane/Miller Book Publishers

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