Creativity requires a certain amount of coziness. Particularly in winter. What steaming cup sustains your reading/writing sessions when you’d rather be hibernating? Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? And where do you go to get out of the house, but get in from the cold, and carry on?

Café Verlet, Paris, is one place I love to get cozy. Here, they import the finest coffees and teas from around the globe and serve them up with decadent French pastries (like this pear-hazelnut tart topped with vanilla bean cream). Most delicious, though, is the ambiance.


Outside Verlet, an array of fruits confits gleam like jewels through the front window. Inside, the feeling is just as luxurious, from the smell of roasted arabica to the warm glow of a lamp-lit wood interior. IMG_1096

To ensure yourself a table, it’s best to arrive before noon. From lunch time on (sandwiches & salads served until 3pm), the ground floor fills up fast!

IMG_1094You can always wander upstairs for extra seating, and if you’re lucky, perch yourself near the window. What better way to sip, read, write, and watch passersby in the Rue Saint Honoré?


Wherever in the world you’ll be spending your creative moments this winter, I wish you coziness, and plenty of it!


Verlet, Coffee Merchant since 1880

256 Rue Saint Honoré

75001 Paris

(closed on Sundays)

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