P.B. Tweak! Critiques in A Week

I have had a private critique service for years but only advertised it on rare occasions. Mostly, clients just found me by word-of-mouth, but now that I have eight books in the picture book pipeline, I’ve decided to announce it publicly: I offer custom pitches as well as query letter and picture book manuscript critiques! Check the list of my offerings and prices under my Services.

What you get when you purchase a P.B. Tweak from me:

The turnaround time for a critique is one week or less. I read your story, then take two days to mull it over in my mind. I sit down with your manuscript, add in-line comments throughout, and then write you a one-page personal letter on the strengths, weaknesses, marketability and potential for improvement that I see in your manuscript. This phase takes me a minimum of two hours, as I try to get a vision for all that your project can be, and formulate some concrete suggestions on how to get it there.

My specialty:

My specialty is character-driven narrative fiction and my own picture books run the gamut between commercial and literary, including quiet and lyrical as well as humorous, pun-filled and even rhyming texts. I will not personally offer non-fiction critiquing until I’ve published a non-fiction manuscript. (I believe it’s important to show several real publishing credentials when we claim to know enough to be paid for a critique.) As I’m always publishing new genres, my critique offerings will broaden accordingly.

Client Testimonials

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