Custom Query & Pitch Writing for Picture Book Writers


Have you finally polished up a picture book manuscript that you’d like to submit to an agent or editor, but you’re stuck on the dreaded query letter?

Before getting an agent, I sent out from 2 to 6 submissions per week for one straight year. That’s a lot of query letter-writing! Now that I don’t have to do THAT anymore, I’m ready to help you. I can:

  • write you a custom query letter/email: I’ll read over the picture book manuscript that you want to submit. I’ll write the query letter/email according to whom you’d like to send it. You’ll then be able to use my query letter as a template when writing queries for future manuscripts.
  • critique your current query: I’ll “red pencil” edit your current query letter. I’ll proofread the spelling, grammar, and content, then email you my feedback.


Are you ready to participate in online pitching opportunities, like #PBPitch, #PBParty, and #KidPit, but aren’t sure how to write an effective Twitter pitch (“twitch”) for your picture book?

Before getting an agent, I participated in several Twitter Pitch parties over the course of a year, and averaged a “Like” from an agent each time. This does NOT guarantee that the Twitter pitch I write for you will get an agent to want your particuliar manuscript. But, it will be a well-written pitch that shows off the essence of your manuscript while respecting Twitter’s 280-character limit. Each pitch will be emailed to you in image format, as well as in .docx or .pages format, for your future use. I will also include tips on getting your pitch noticed.

(If you need pitches for several different manuscripts at a time, my “Pitch Party Package” reduces the unit price of each pitch.)


Do you have other picture book query or pitch needs not covered here? Feel free to contact me.


(I will be in touch with you by email within 24 hours of your PayPal payment, ready to discuss your needs.)