Affordable Critiques, Queries, & Pitches for Picture Book Writers:

Contact me at katearonson ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

CRITIQUES–Only $50 for a picture book manuscript under 600 words.

I critique picture book manuscripts with an eye to concept, voice, heart, diction/lyricism, world-building, and overall story arc. I’ll leave comments throughout your manuscript, plus write a paragraph (often more) of overall feedback. Ideally, picture book manuscripts should keep word count under 600. Longer manuscripts are priced differently (see menu below). Character-driven narrative fiction is my specialty. I have also published various children’s poems and will have a rhyming picture book out in 2022. So yes, you may send rhyme. 🙂

Turnaround time: I usually deliver a manuscript critique within one week of receiving payment.

Please “Contact Me” at the link below if you need a quote for a particular request not covered here.


Is your manuscript ready to submit to an agent or editor, but you’re stuck on the dreaded query letter? I’m here to help you:

  • write you a custom query letter/email: I’ll read over your picture book manuscript and write a corresponding query letter/email for the agent/editor of your choice. You’ll then be able to use my query letter as a template for all future queries you write.


  • critique your current query: I’ll edit your current query letter, proofreading spelling, grammar, and content.


Are you ready to participate in online pitching opportunities, like #PBPitch or #PitMad, but aren’t sure how to write an effective Twitter pitch for your picture book?

I participated in several Twitter Pitch events before getting an agent, and averaged a “Like” from an agent each time. Of course, I can’t guarantee that the Twitter pitch I write for your manuscript will get a Like. But, it will be a well-written pitch that shows off the essence of your manuscript while respecting Twitter’s character limit.

For anything I didn’t address here, please don’t hesitate to

contact me

with your questions.


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(Feel free to contact me before payment. Otherwise, I will be in touch with you by email within 24 hours of your PayPal payment.)