I absolutely adore Susanna Hill’s writing contests (thank you Susanna)! Here is my entry just in the nick of time! Happy Halloween everybody! And never underestimate a handful of cheeky candy corns*…(*On a grammar note: I don’t use “candy corn” as an uncountable mass noun in this story, and that is intentional!)

REVENGE OF THE CANDY CORNS (100 words exactly)

“Predator!” a wee candy corn hollered to his pack.

The other Corns quivered. They’d fallen from one trick-or-treater’s bag, but that escape had been too sweet to be true. Another hungry monster was already galumphing their way! Its fangs glowed razor-sharp…

…Fangs! thought wee candy corn. He whispered something to his pack…

POP! went their wrapper.

The Corns scattered. They lined up, just-so, beneath a streetlamp.

The predator stopped and gaped. On the block wall ahead of him loomed the enormous shadow of giant, pointy teeth!

“AAAHHH!” shrieked the monster head, bobbling off down the street, to hunt no more.



  1. Traci Bold 31 October 2017 at 22 h 25 min

    The candy corn indeed got their revenge. Cute story Katelyn!

    1. katelyn888 - Site Author 31 October 2017 at 23 h 09 min

      Heehee! Thanks! 100 words ain’t easy…can’t wait to read yours, Traci :).

  2. Jilanne Hoffmann 1 November 2017 at 1 h 57 min

    Good thinking on the part of those wee candy corns! Nice ending. Monster eaters fooled once again! Good luck in the contest!

    1. katelyn888 - Site Author 1 November 2017 at 6 h 49 min

      Thanks Jilanne! Will be right over to read yours 🙂

  3. Maria Marshall 1 November 2017 at 8 h 37 min

    Way to go Corn! That wee candy corn is one smart candy! Fun story. Goof Luck

    1. katelyn888 - Site Author 1 November 2017 at 13 h 40 min

      Haha, thanks Maria Marshall! Your lyrical story was lovely! Good luck!

    1. katelyn888 - Site Author 1 November 2017 at 18 h 40 min

      Thanks Gregory! I’ll be sure to read your entry, too.

  4. Delfina Salimbene 2 November 2017 at 6 h 07 min

    That was some quick thinking by wee candy corn. There’s candy corn strength in numbers! (I love the play on “pack” here.) Well done!

    1. katelyn888 - Site Author 2 November 2017 at 12 h 56 min

      Hiya Delfina! Thanks for reading :). Do you have an entry I can read somewhere? I hope so!


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