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My Books

I am overjoyed to announce five forthcoming picture books, releasing in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023! Here they are:

My debut, PIGLETTE, releases May 26th, 2020.  It can be ordered here:

1.Publisher’s Weekly Rights Report (week of June 17th, 2019):Publisher's Weekly Announcement

2. Publisher’s Weekly Rights Report (week of November 11th, 2019):PW Announcement for CLOVIS

3. Publisher’s Weekly Rights Report (February 26th, 2020)

E7B2556D-991B-4E95-BCDF-02511E0D41A74. Publisher’s Marketplace Rights Report (February 26th, 2020)


5. Publisher’s Weekly Rights Report (October 12th, 2020)